Collectible Paper Currency in Cincinnati

It is important to go to a dealer you can trust for any collectible. At Coins Plus, we have been serving the greater Cincinnati area since 1972. We deal in a wide variety of different types of paper currency including Large Size Notes, National Currency, Confederate, Obsolete Banknotes, Continental Currency, Fractional Currency and Error Notes .

Type notes

Large size currency from 1923 and prior! Some of our most beautiful notes are included in this series.

Large Denomination Notes

$500 and $1000 Notes are always needed.

National currency

Currency from the National Bank Series puts the name of the bank predominantly featured on the face of the note.

Confederate paper currency

There are many reproductions in the Confederate Series. Our experts can help you authenticate your notes.

We also deal with obsoletes

Obsolete notes or "broken bank notes" were issued before the Civil War by private banks. There are thousands of different banks available and we buy them all.

Paper currency errors

Sometimes notes are misprinted by the bureau. We are interested in purchasing these errors.